Thursday, February 7, 2008

By the way...

I'd like to introduce the latest addition to our family. This is Coco.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Agrikulture photo shoot

Last week I did a fun photo shoot with my brother-in-law's band, Agrikulture. Check out this posting on the Future 10 forum for behind the scenes shots.


We recently took our niece and nephew to Kidzania, a new establishment in Jakarta. It's a crazy half sized world, free of adults but full of grown-up activities. After buying their ticket, the kids enter through a scaled-down replica of an Air Asia airport terminal. They start their new lives with 50 Kidzos (the local currency). After depositing it into the bank, they take their atm cards and spend to their heart's content. Of course, you have the choice of buying fake groceries, going to the salon, or even buying real burgers from the restaurant. Once the kids run out of money, they can work in any of these places to make their money back. Just like the real world, the salon charges 10 kidzos, but only pays the employees 8! Local and international branding is plastered in every possible corner, from the candy factory to the Honda dealership and Pertamina gas station. The little town is complete with a hospital, theater, fire and police stations, and a printed newspaper with kid reporters. Originally starting in Mexico, Kidzania also has locations in Japan. Check out the photos...

Alexia checking out

And enjoying a relaxing time in the salon

Firekids get ready to spray a burning building (real water, fake flames)

Filling up the Honda CRV

Xavier went to Driving school and got his license

Gabbie changing a newborn in the hospital nursery

Future surgeons of Jakarta